The worlds only source of imaging equipment and service performance benchmarking!

BEI Services stands alone as the imaging industry’s trusted provider of equipment and service performance benchmarking.  BEI offers a complete array of analytics and software solutions designed enhance every aspect of a dealerships performance and profitability.  Exclusive solutions including: Advanced Comparative Reporting, Territory Management,  Technician Incentive Program,  Advanced Inventory Management (AIM) and the Overstock Parts Network (OPN) are utilized by the most respected and awarded dealers and manufactures in the industry today.  A free 2-week trial is available.

Our exclusive solutions include:

Equipment and Service Performance Analytics
Advanced Comparative Reporting
BEI Services Advanced Comparative Reporting is a must have for any dealership that is looking to maximize profit.  Access to this robust reporting package provides a clear picture of your companies overall Service Department health and pinpoints areas where improvement is needed.  BEI Services compares your performance statistics to our exclusive World Stats™ data, to provide the most accurate assessment of performance available in the industry today.

Technician Incentive Program
BEI Services offers the most utilized turnkey technician compensation program in the industry.  As the only company in the world with National model specific performance statistics, our compensation program encourages technicians to meet minimum National standards for every model they work on.  Our program changes the behavior habits of your technician’s by giving them the incentive to perform a quality call, every call.  With more than 8,300 technicians using this program today, you can be confident that it will work for you!

Inventory Management
Advanced Inventory Management (AIM) 
BEI Services AIM reporting package makes it easy for dealerships to understand, control and prevent parts obsolescence.  AIM identifies parts that are overstocked, nearing obsolescence or obsolete in each warehouse location including technician car stocks, and presents the information in an easy to read dashboard style report.  Other essential reports are also available to help reduce part cost and improve service performance.  These include vital part yield reporting, to aid in identifying part warranty opportunities, and hold for part response time reporting to improve service response times, increasing customer satisfaction.  AIM is available to all BEI Services customers and OPN members.

Overstock Parts Network (OPN)
OverstockPartsNetwork.com (OPN) identifies overstocked and obsolete inventory in each warehouse location including technician car stocks.  In the same process, organizations around the world that are still using these parts are identified.  Participation in OPN allows dealerships to earn CASH by selling obsolete inventory to the OPN and the opportunity to purchase needed inventory at DISCOUNTED prices.  Participation in the network is vital to controlling cost through improved inventory management, and participation with access to Advanced Inventory Management (AIM) reporting is absolutely FREE!

Car Stock and Inventory Fulfillment
BEI Services Advanced Inventory Management (AIM) module provides a complete car stock creation and inventory fulfillment tool to all Advanced Comparative Reporting subscribers! This cutting-edge automated car stock creation module will help dealerships create accurate car stocks on the fly and manage main warehouse minimum and maximum inventory reorder levels, saving time and money, while drastically increasing technician productivity in the field.

Effective Workload Distribution Territory Mapping
BEI’s revolutionary Effective Workload Distribution (EWD) Territory Mapping product is paving the way for faster and more efficient territory maintenance and creation. EWD allows you to easily create territories visually while demand time requirements are calculated automatically. After territories are created, generate both technician assignments and car stock requirements so you can import them directly to your ERP. We also monitor the integrity of your territories monthly to ensure they stay effective and efficient at all times!

Service Dispatch
SRS (Service Reporting Software)
SRS is a FREE web service software product that does not require computer servers, IT staff or consultants.  SRS is cloud-based technology that will allow you to manage service call activity including technician dispatch, arrival and call completion information.  It will also track parts usage, collect and store meter readings and so much more.  Optional wireless capabilities are also built in so your techs can manage their calls from the field!  AND did we mention it’s FREE?

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