Q:  Do we have to have BEI Services customer in order to attend these classes?

A:  Everything included in this training could be accomplished without having BEI, however you will need to run several reports and insure the data is accurate prior to implementation.  You would also not have access to BEI’s National Standards for comparison.  We strongly recommend contacting BEI Services to have your service data sent to BEI prior to class in order to access the full benefits available from having access to BEI’s National Database, and creating an action plan.  This will be done on a no charge basis and will allow BEI staff to evaluate areas of opportunity for your specific dealership.

Q:  Who should attend these classes?

A:  REACH Leadership Development Academy is divided into two categories based on job responsibility:

  • Level One is for those directly responsible for managing and developing Field Service Technicians
  • Level Two is designed for those with departmental level responsibility with regards to P&L and management of field level managers
  • Parts & Logistics is for those with the responsibility of purchasing and maintaining inventory levels, conducting inventories etc.

Q:  What is different about these classes from other offerings?

A:  While much information on Benchmarking has been available for many years, Level One classes deal with the specific skills needed to measure, manage, motivate and develop service technicians on a day to day basis.  Level Two gives an overview of P&L responsibilities as well as the skills needed to manage managers, how to conduct performance appraisals, goal setting and other skills needed in order to accomplish the required Benchmarks in our industry.  Parts & Logistics covers the meaning of inventory turns, obsolescence, excess hold for parts costs and their impact on customer satisfaction and profitability. Conducting inventories and improving accuracy as well as when to increase or decrease purchasing levels to avoid monetary losses.  It covers the strategies necessary to accomplish:

  • 0 Parts Turns
  • 0 Supply Turns
  • 12% Hold for Parts
  • 10% Obsolesents
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