Inventory and Logistics

REACH Academy Inventory and Logistics

This course is designed to help those managing the parts and warehouse facilities improve their hold for parts rates, improve their inventory turns and decrease obsolescence. An outline of the course topics is as follows:

We begin with the relationship between the Warehouse (Parts & Supplies) and the Service Department which are actually joined at the hip.

  • Service Department can’t succeed without the right inventory in the right place at the right time
  • Return/Hold for Parts Calls – too little or too much
    • The “Pendulum Effect”
  • Inventory Turns
    • What are they and how are they calculated?
    • What are the goals?
      • Overall
      • Car Stocks
        • What about OVERSTOCKED techs?
          • How do we get it back?
        • How can we improve our turns?
        • How often do we (should we) reorder from vendors and restock technicians?
      • Proper setup of the ERP system to achieve maximum inventory efficiency
        • Warehouse levels
        • Car Stock levels
      • Emergency Orders
        • What is the REAL cost of a part ordered overnight?
        • Did it get installed the day it came in – or 3 days later?
        • Incorporating that into our ERP system
          • Min – Max levels – auto adjust or manual
        • Obsolescence
          • What is an acceptable level?
          • How can we avoid it?
          • Reserving for it on the books
          • Using OPN
  • Physical Inventory
    • Proper procedures for taking inventories
    • How often should they be taken?
  • “Ship in” parts
    • Typically in managed print, many vendors supply the parts & toner for equipment so the dealership does not have to maintain an inventory of those items
      • How do we process those items?
        • Should we?
      • How does it impact car stocks & hold for parts calls?
    • Harvesting parts
      • Cost effective – should we or should we not?
      • Is this different from just robbing a part?
      • Processes for handing the cost of harvested items
        • Financial impact
      • To inventory – or not to inventory – harvested items
        • Why?

Follow Up Pledge for Success:

For attendees of REACH LDA, each course comes with a level of follow up in conjunction with the Action Plan developed in class:

  • Inventory and Logistics:
    • Follow up sessions will be held via web at the end of week 2, 4 & 6 to determine progress made and items remaining for completion
      • Web sessions are also renewable as desired

REACH Academy Inventory and Logistics Pricing

  • Cost is $1,595 per attendee and includes ‘Follow-Up Pledge for Success’
    • Early Bird discount of $100 per student is offered for those registering prior to stipulated date.
  • Class Duration:
    • Two days from 8 AM – 5 PM
  • Follow-up Pledge for Success
    • Consists of 2 web sessions at the end of week 2 and 4 after class

For all classes:

  • BEI Services reserves the right to change class dates if necessary due to weather etc.
  • Please do not make flight or hotel reservations until you receive a letter of confirmation
  • Registration for classes will close 14 days prior to class date
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