Level One

REACH Leadership Academy Level One‘Managing Mobile Employees’ – Field Supervisors & Managers

The real job of these individuals is to develop the members of their team to their fullest potential in order to produce the highest level of customer satisfaction & retention while doing so at the lowest cost of operation.  REACH Level One is specifically designed to help these individuals become not only better managers but also Business Coaches assisting each technician to run a more profitable small business inside the service organization using the principals of REACH.

Beyond the Principals of REACH, the following topics will be covered:

  • The first and main component must be the National Standards compiled by BEI Services to gauge performance as compared to hundreds of other operations – how else do we know what Good really looks like?
  • Critical Success Factors – CSF’s
    • What are they?
    • What should we be looking at?
    • What is good – not good?
    • How often do we need them?
  • Stackranking Technicians – another critical component assisting people who manage technicians to really know how well they are doing and where improvements can be made
    • Expectations should be set for each technician as we simply cannot hold people Accountable if they do not know what is expected of them
    • Goals may be set for technicians to improve such things as Hold for Parts, First Call Effectiveness etc.
      • Components of this would be:
        • Technical Training
        • Ride Days and Field Audits
        • Inspect what you Expect
        • Is Total Call being performed, or just putting out the fire?
        • Trending – are improvements being made or is performance declining?
        • Addressing “Suspect List” machines – Pro Active service
      • Burden Rate:
        • What is it – how do we calculate it?
      • Standardization
        • Standards must be set for such things as Calls Per Day, Recall Parameters etc. in order to have viable information on how equipment if running in the field both from a performance viewpoint but also profitability
          • Analyzing the information in order to identify areas of opportunity
          • Where do we start – what gives us the most impact?
        • Service Territories
          • Proper Workload per territory – 143 Productive Hours per Tech
            • Contributing factors
            • Specialization?
          • Car stock levels set based on equipment assigned
            • Importing into ERP
              • Tricks & Tips
            • Developing an Action Plan for the individual’s Team

Follow Up Pledge for Success:

  • For attendees of REACH LDA, each course comes with a level of follow up in conjunction with the Action Plan developed in class.
    • Level One & Two Includes:
      • 3 web based sessions following the class to determine progress made on the Action Plan, scheduled at 30, 60 and 90 days (maximum of 6 hours total).
    • Optional: 1 day on-site follow up can also be added for $995 (this will replace the third 90-day web session)
      • Dealership is responsible for travel expenses for the BEI Representative in addition to the $995.
      • The Quarterly Follow Up may be renewed as often as the dealership desires for $995.
      • The on-site visit does not have to be purchased up front, it can be added at anytime after the Level One or Two session concludes.

REACH Leadership Academy Level One Pricing 

  • Per Attendee $1,595
    • For large dealerships with five or more attendees, BEI Services can come on site to conduct the class at your facility. Dealership covers travel expenses.
    • Early Bird Discount:
      • A discount of $100 per student will be offered for ‘Early Bird’ registrations submitted by the stipulated date.
  • Class Duration:
    • Will be three days in length from 8 AM – 5 PM
  • Follow-Up Pledge for Success:
    • Included: 3 web sessions to review results from the Action Plan developed in class (6 hours maximum).
      • At the end of day 30, 60 and 90 days a webinar follow up will be held to check the progress and assist as needed.
    • Optional: At the end of 90 days, you have the option to have a BEI Representative come on-site to the dealership to review results and assist in developing a plan for the next 90 days for $995.
      • Dealer pays travel expenses for BEI Representative in addition to the $995.
      • Follow-up for Success may be renewed as often as desired at a cost of $995 per quarter.

For all classes:

  • BEI Services reserves the right to change class dates if necessary due to weather etc.
  • Please do not make flight or hotel reservations until you receive a letter of confirmation
  • Registration for classes will close 14 days prior to class date
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