Level Two

Reach Leadership Academy Level Two‘Managing the Business of Service’ – Service Managers and those with Departmental Responsibility

The job of these individuals is to manage those managing field technicians as well as cost containment, customer satisfaction and profitability – among other things.  REACH Level Two also begins with the principals of REACH along with other topics including:

  • P&L Basics
    • Revenue & COGS
    • Creating reserves for obsolescence
  • Benchmark Basics
  • Contract Profitability
    • Analysis
    • “Right Sizing Equipment”
    • Supply Monitoring
    • Price escalations
    • Identifying excessive costs
  • Building meaningful Call Types, Problem and Repair codes in the ERP system
    • Setting up the ERP system to be able to harvest meaningful information – “Begin with the End in mind”
  • Burden Rate
    • How can we impact it and what drives it?
  • Manpower calculation
    • How many technicians do we need?
    • What if we improve performance?
  • Creating Career Paths for service technicians
  • Job Descriptions
  • Performance Appraisals for technicians
    • Is the technician making progress?
    • When and how to “Let Go”
  • “Coaching the Coaches”
  • Hiring and Recruiting
    • Right person, Right Job
    • Where do we find them?
  • Developing an Action Plan for Departmental Improvement

Follow Up Pledge for Success:

  • For attendees of REACH LDA, each course comes with a level of follow up in conjunction with the Action Plan developed in class.
    • Level One & Two Includes:
      • 3 web based sessions following the class to determine progress made on the Action Plan, scheduled at 30, 60 and 90 days (maximum of 6 hours total).
    • Optional: 1 day on-site follow up can also be added for $995 (this will replace the third 90-day web session)
      • Dealership is responsible for travel expenses for the BEI Representative in addition to the $995.
      • The Quarterly Follow Up may be renewed as often as the dealership desires for $995.
      • The on-site visit does not have to be purchased up front, it can be added at anytime after the Level One or Two session concludes.

REACH Leadership Academy Level Two Pricing 

  • Per Attendee $1,595
    • For large dealerships with five or more attendees, BEI Services can come on site to conduct the class at your facility. Dealership covers travel expenses.
    • Early Bird Discount:
      • A discount of $100 per student will be offered for ‘Early Bird’ registrations submitted prior to the stipulated date.
  • Class Duration:
    • Will be three days in length from 8 AM – 5 PM
  • Follow-Up Pledge for Success:
    • Included: 3 web sessions to review results from the Action Plan developed in class (6 hours maximum).
      • At the end of day 30, 60 and 90 days a webinar follow up will be held to check the progress and assist as needed.
    • Optional: At the end of 90 days, you have the option to have a BEI Representative come on-site to the dealership to review results and assist in developing a plan for the next 90 days for $995.
      • Dealer pays travel expenses for BEI Representative in addition to the $995.
      • Follow-up for Success may be renewed as often as desired at a cost of $995 per quarter.

For all classes:

  • BEI Services reserves the right to change class dates if necessary due to weather etc.
  • Please do not make flight or hotel reservations until you receive a letter of confirmation
  • Registration for classes will close 14 days prior to class date
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