BEI and ENX Magazine Recognize Service Excellence

Technicians are recognized individually in addition to the dealership as a whole, ensuring a ground up approach to measuring achievement.

Any dealership on a supported ERP or with the ability to submit the required data to BEI in the appropriate format can be evaluated for an award.

Award winners receive free access to Evolved Office for award marketing material and support.

BEI Services, Inc. and ENX Magazine have partnered to recognize Service Excellence.  This initiative will honor dealers whose service levels excel compared to their peers.

The ranking and grading process uses BEI’s proprietary database of performance statistics to ensure each participant is evaluated fairly and uniformly.  The award tiers are as follows:

Diamond Level: The top 5% of performing dealerships
Platinum: The top 6-15% of performing dealerships
Gold: The top 16-25% of performing dealerships

It is open to all dealers using a supported ERP platform for managing its service operations, or can provide BEI Services with the data in the appropriate format. Dealers do not have to be a BEI Services customer to be considered for an award, and will be evaluated at no cost.

Both the dealer and individual technicians will be recognized for meeting each level of service performance. The top award winners will be visited by a BEI team member and audited at no charge, to ensure that the data received is accurate and not manipulated in any way.

If you would like to have your dealership evaluated for an award, contact us today!

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