Car Stock and Inventory Fulfillment

Car stock and restocking made easy!

BEI Services Advanced Inventory Management (AIM) module provides a complete car stock creation and inventory fulfillment tool to all Advanced Comparative Reporting subscribers! This cutting-edge automated car stock creation module will help dealerships create accurate car stocks on the fly and manage main warehouse minimum and maximum inventory reorder levels, saving time and money, while drastically increasing technician productivity in the field.


  • Import Car Stocks and Main Warehouse Min/Max Settings directly to ERP
    • Import custom car stock and fulfillment warehouse min/max reorder levels based on created car stock and current inventory on hand directly into supported ERP systems.
  • Create Custom Car Stock
    • Automatically define desired car stock levels (max, heavy, medium or lean) and further customize stock based on territory average monthly usage (AMU), company and territory usage in the last six months or part cost, while viewing real time impact on total inventory cost.
  • View Detailed Inventory Fulfillment Report
    • A dynamic report that updates to show suggested ERP min/max settings based on created custom car stock inventory and current warehouse inventory on-hand.
  • View Car Stock Cull-Out Report
    • View parts on cull out report that need to be removed from existing car stock based on newly created inventory requirements.

How it Works

Suggested car stock inventories are automatically created based on existing territories (technician to serial assignments) in your ERP system (e-Automate, OMD, LMS, DDMS, MiracleService, plus many more), or territory assignments created using BEI’s Effective Workload Distribution (EWD) Territory Management product.  These car stocks are automatically determined using a three-sweep approach that includes evaluating actual equipment average monthly part usage in the territory and company part usage as a whole. Once generated, car stock inventories can be quickly and easily edited within the car stock creation module and then imported directly to supported ERP systems. A detailed main warehouse inventory fulfillment report is also available displaying minimum and maximum part reorder settings to use in order streamline the inventory fulfillment process and reduce future inventory related write-off created by ordering unneeded items.


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