Inventory Management

Understand, control and prevent parts obsolescence

Advanced Inventory Management (AIM)

Controlling Obsolescence
BEI Services Advanced Inventory Management (AIM) module helps dealerships understand, control and prevent parts obsolescence by identifying parts that are overstocked, nearing obsolescence or obsolete in each warehouse location including technician car stocks.

Other essential reports are also provided including vital part yield reporting, to aid in identifying part warranty opportunities and hold for part response time reporting to improve service response times, increasing customer satisfaction.

This module is integrated with the Overstock Parts Network (OPN) and is available for FREE to OPN members. The integration allows for the sale of obsolete inventory items to the OPN and the ability to purchase items from the OPN at significant discounts.


  • Identify overstocked parts in your inventory
  • Identify obsolete parts in your inventory
  • Sell obsolete inventory to the Overstock Parts Network (OPN)
  • See OPN suggested parts to purchase based on usage
  • Avoid costly write offs due to obsolescence
  • Go GREEN by reselling obsolete inventory, keeping parts out of landfills

What is OPN?

Overstock Parts Network (

The OPN is the place to buy certified OEM parts at the lowest cost around, and also offers no cost statistical monitoring of your companies inventory with BEI Services Advanced Inventory Management (AIM) reporting.

Overstock Parts Network (OPN) identifies overstocked and obsolete inventory in each warehouse location including technician car stocks. In the same process, organizations around the world that are still using these parts are identified.

Participation in OPN allows dealerships to earn CASH by selling obsolete inventory to the OPN and the opportunity to purchase needed inventory at DISCOUNTED prices. Participation in the network is vital to controlling cost through improved inventory management and participation with access to Advanced Inventory Management (AIM) reporting is absolutely FREE!


How the OPN and AIM integration works:

BEI Services process dealership data collected from the ERP system (e-Automate, OMD, NextGen, DDMS, plus many more) and identifies parts that may be overstocked or have not been used in defined time periods.   This is reported in AIM to dealers as overstocked or obsolete parts. BEI then compares these parts against its WorldParts™ database to determine if these parts have usage by other dealers, and a high probability of being sold. If it is determined that these parts have a high enough probability of being sold, parts offers can be viewed in AIM. When the offer is accepted, the parts are then sent to OPN’s parts facility for proving and clearing, then OPN will send the dealer a check for their obsolete parts. AIM also allows dealers to view up to date suggestions of parts available through the OPN to purchase based on actual company usage.

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