Performance Analytics

Turn your service data into actionable information

BEI Services is the only company in the world that turns real service call data into actionable and easy to understand performance analytics. Our Advanced Comparative Reporting analytics ensure that manufacturers and dealers are armed with the necessary information to gain the competitive edge by revealing areas in both equipment and service performance where there is potential to earn additional profit.

How it works:
BEI Services processes nearly 1.2 Million service calls every month on millions of imaging devices and more than 30,000 technicians. Our Advanced Comparative Reporting database consists of over 1 Billion performance records on machines, parts and technicians worldwide. This information is utilized to create performance benchmarks based on national averages to compare your dealership service and equipment performance against, so you can see exactly where you stand in relation to your peers. BEI Services is the only company in the world capable of providing your company this real data driven comparative analysis.

Equipment Performance Analytics

  • Understand your companies CPP at the serial level and see how that compares to the national average for the same model.
  • Access BEI Services exclusive WorldStats™ data to view robust national performance analytics on all models serviced.
  • Take the guesswork out of establishing service contract pricing, get actual parts and labor inclusive national CPP figures so you can stay competitive while still making a profit.
  • Know what page volume environment to place machines to ensure optimal performance at the lowest cost.
  • Identify ‘best in breed’ products.
  • View part consumption comparisons including part CPP targets per model and vital dealer vs. national yield information.
  • Identify parts warranty opportunities.
  • Automated meter correction to ensure accurate reporting.
  • Complete monthly page volume breakdown.

Service Performance Analytics

  • Easily identify your best and worst performing technicians per model.
  • View how technician parts CPP compares to the national average to identify incidents instances of unnecessary parts replacement.
  • Access an Executive Critical Service Indicator (CSI) dashboard to assess:
    • First Call Effectiveness (FCE) per model and tech.
    • Excessive serviced equipment based on national Mean Copies Between Visits (MCBV) comparison.
    • Technician effective time analysis.
    • View technician grade cards, an unbiased way to assess overall performance (a letter grade is assigned based on nine KPI’s).
    • Plus much more!
  • Track technician productivity viewing various key performance indicators (KPI’s) including start and end times, effective hours, hold for parts percentages and achieved mean copies between visits (MCBV).
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