Technician Assessment

Easily set and track expectations and goals for your technicians

BEI Services Technician Assessment module is a tool for supervisors to be able to quickly and effectively review the performance of individual technicians and create and manage specific goals for improvement over time.  A dashboard style view displays overall technician performance statistics and color coded levels of achievement towards established expectations and goals.  The information displayed is based on current and world statistical data that only BEI Services can provide, allowing the manager and technician to pinpoint areas of achievement as well as areas where improvement is needed.

Model and technician performance specific goals can be easily set based on machines that have the highest Potential Call Reduction (PCR).  Setting PCR based goals will ensure that set goals for technicians are focused in areas that will have the greatest impact on overall performance, resulting in faster response times, improved first call effectiveness, and increased customer satisfaction.

Once goals and expectations have been defined by the Service Manager the assessment can be submitted and goals marked as ‘Official’, at which point they can no longer be deleted and are tracked.  Upon submitting an assessment, a detailed PDF report will be exported, providing a snapshot of the technician’s overall performance and goals for long-term personnel management.


  • Managers can set both expectations and goals in key performance areas including time management, First Call Effectiveness (FCE), Hold for Parts (HP), Mean Copies Between Visits (MCBV), parts spend and many more.
  • Achievement toward set expectations and goals is tracked and trended over a twelve month rolling time frame.
  • Model specific goals can be easily set based on highest calculated Potential Call Reduction (PCR).
  • Expectations, goals and notes are tracked and documented.

Please view the video below for a brief product demo.

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