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  • I have been extremely happy with both the BEI product and the exceptional support I receive. The data we pull from BEI is extremely valuable when dealing with our vendors and the integrity is respected by those vendors. Additionally, the TechComp program has helped me focus the Service Technicians on the quality objectives which make us successful.
    — John Hobbs SolutionOne
  • BEI Services and the Technician Compensation Program have reduced our parts cost by 28%!
    — Pete Humphrey Office Copying Equipment, LTD
  • BEI Services and the Technician Compensation Program have reduced our parts cost by 28%!
    — Peter G. Humphrey Office Copying Equipment, LTD
  • I am a bit unique to the Service Manager Field. I have had no field experience, and I am a woman two strikes. However when we obtained BEI, even a rookie can look good. The support is amazing, they call back with the information you need and even give you more than expected.

    BEI is a must in this industry. There are so many reports and information that would take you hours, even days to gather and BEI has it at your fingertips. They are constantly updating and giving you even more information. BEI is like my assistant, it has all the information and I get all the credit. Thanks for all you and your staff’s help Steve!

    — Sue Asher CBS
  • I recommend every dealer use BEI Services. Over the years, the information they have provided us has saved our organization tens of thousands of dollars beyond our investment in their program.
    — Kevin McCarthy Modern Office Methods
  • I was introduced to BEI Services about 2 years ago at ITEX in Las Vegas. At the time, I was working on a new bonus plan for my technicians. I was presented with a solution that sounded almost too good to be true. As a Service Manager, I spent a lot of hours preparing statistics each month in order to see where we stand as far as parts, call times, cbc’s and so on. I also needed these numbers for our old bonus plan to work. Now, BEI does it all in just a few minutes per month. I get more information than I ever have before and a bonus plan incorporated within it. They have provided a solution for our company that not only saves time, but increases profits as well.
    — Ron Coleman Business Alternatives INC
  • Our techs work hard to be the top tech each month...by analyzing our performance through BEI we are able to determine exactly what things we need to do to help them improve their performance.

    Our callback percentage is dropping because the techs are doing complete calls… We are holding fewer calls for parts because we use our monthly stats to improve our parts restocking program.

    Compiling parts usage reports and machine statistics is easy with BEI…and when I have a question about the program it’s easy to get the answer…sometimes in just minutes!...

    — Ed Kangas Marimon Business Systems, INC
  • Tech Comp has been the most successful incentive program I\'ve launched in 9 years as Service Manager at B.E.D. In 10 months, we have reduced our cost of service by 25%, technicians want more calls and love their PM\'s. \"More clicks\" they say!

    — Dave Raffin Business Equipment Depot
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